There are several listed benefits to these medications and all are important in the management of the inflammatory process affecting bone:

  • inhibit bone resorption by blocking activity of osteoclasts

  • increase bone density

  • inhibit secretion of enzymes that degrade the cartilage on joint surfaces

There may be potential uses in a variety of equine lameness conditions; the most studied at present are: Navicular Syndrome, Hock Disease (Spavin) and Kissing Spine Syndrome. There are exciting clinical results being published on these diseases that are often notorious for being difficult to manage. These medications may give us a new avenue to manage diseases that are recognized by their effect of permitting the bone breakdown process to exceed the bone rebuilding process. If we can limit the bone loss during the inflammatory process and further degeneration that ensues then we should be able to positively affect the bone structure and reduce pain.

Above images from Dechra's website.