Horse being scoped for stomach ulcers

Video Endoscopy

This is a procedure previously offered at referral institutions that allowed for the visualization of the lower respiratory tract and portions of the digestive tract in the horse. We have been able to use a shorter endoscope for years that permitted us to examine the upper airway from the pharynx through the mid neck area, however we were not able to get beyond this point nor to pass the scope into the stomach so we could evaluate the horse for the presence of ulcers. Now we can do that and more. In addition the equipment is ambulatory which allows us to transport it to the barns and there is a color monitor for easy visualization by clients as well as methods to capture and store the images. As you can read in the Equine Gastric Ulcer article on this website, ulcers are a significant issue for horses and can negatively impact them in terms of performance and general well-being. Ulcers are undoubtedly one of the most frequently under diagnosed conditions. Probably this is true because the signs can be vague thus leading owners and Veterinarians into different directions when trying to sort out why there has been a drop in the horse's performance or why their behavior has changed. Of course the classically described horse with ongoing mild to moderate colicky signs would not be hard to associate with ulcers, but many of our patients do not always exhibit these signs. As our diagnostics have improved so have our medications and methods to manage these conditions. We look forward to discussing this with you if there are any questions.

Gastric Ulcers