Core Strengthening and Flexibility

I was contacted in January 2015 by an International Dressage Trainer, Visconte Simon Cocozza, who resides and trains in France and has an interest in Kissing Spine Disease. His article and knowledge of the disease is impressive and I particularly enjoyed his comparative exercises between people and horses where he utilizes his knowledge of dressage training and yoga to provide some very practical and effective exercises.

Introduction to Core Correction Article on core strenghthening and engaging muscles. (PDF ~ 5.8Mb)

Often as a Veterinarian I am focused on the diagnosis and the treatment options (see article on website: Kissing Spine Disease) but am limited with respect to post treatment or post surgical suggestions. In my opinion the above article does a very nice job with that information. I have been in contact with Mr. Cocozza and he promises to expand on these exercises and consider how we can more specifically engage the abdominal and psoas muscle groups.

I hope you will find this information informative and for those of you that have an interest in putting forth ideas for other exercises, please contact me so we can keep this discussion going.