Traveling with Horses

Preparing to travel with your horse is important as the effects of long trailer rides can be stressful not only for you, but also your horse. There are physiologic factors that should be considered before your departure and more importantly things to consider en route and when you arrive.

A thorough discussion of this subject is available through this link on the Tufts University School of Veterinar Medicine website Travel Information.

Most horses are not tubed with oil before a trip as discussed in the article. Generally if the trip will be long, such as from Vermont to Florida, it may be wise to make changes to the diet 2-3 days before traveling. Adding mineral oil to the feed, using bran mashes and decreasing grain intake while increasing fiber intake are all worthwhile. Electrolytes may also help and they may encourage more water consumption. As discussed in the article avoiding an impaction type of colic is a very important consideration.

I am frequently asked about medical supplies to take on the trip. The answer may depend on the experience of the owner in administering medications and the likelihood that they will be needed. Feel free to contact me and I can discuss this with you.